23 May 2011

Pink and Green

Check out this fun succulent:

It's called tri-color sedum. I'm not sure why -- looks like two colors to me.

Which happen to be my college colors, by the way. Yes, pink and green are the colors for Sweet Briar College, a women's college of about 600 students in rural Virginia. (When I was in school, pink and green was seriously out of style, so t-shirts and sports uniforms, etc. tended to be green and white. Over the last several years, pink and green has reemerged as a fabulous, fun color combination, which has been great for Sweet Briar girls.)

Sedum is in our landscaping plan for the narrow strip of ground between the (someday) back patio and the wall of the screened porch. There are many varieties of sedum, but this one caught my attention and won't let go.

But back to Sweet Briar. The school is named after the plantation that used to occupy its 3,300 acres, and the plantation was named for the Sweet Briar rose (sometimes spelled Sweet Brier) that grew there:

(Picture from the Antique Rose Emporium.)

Can't wait to have both in our garden!

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