12 May 2011

She's Ours All Ours ALL OURS

Remember Bun Bun, the stray bunny we took in the day before Easter because she had no one else in the world? Steve was suspicious of my plan to help her find a home, but I had every intention of her time with us being temporary. (It was immediately obvious what a sweet bunny she is, but with Dash's health issues, I didn't want a third bunny.) I even took her to an Easter brunch we attended and touted her best features. Bun Bun was at her very cutest...but no takers. A few hours later, back at home, Steve suddenly got quiet and said, bashfully, "I want to keep her." (Less than 36 hours after she came through the door, if you're counting.)

And that's how this little lady came to be ours:

We still have her in quarantine from Millie and Dash. She spends the day in our bedroom (which stays cool because it's on the same air conditioning zone as the bunny room) and nights in the living room (where she can't wake us up at 5:30 a.m. -- we're not making that mistake twice). We plan to make Millie and Dash a new, larger cage and put Bun Bun (who needs a respectable permanent-bunny name) in the old one. In the meantime, she's still in the cage her rescuers MacGyvered for her. It mostly contains her...although there was that one time when she escaped and nearly joined me in the (doorless) shower. Anyway, she is every bit as sweet and friendly as we had suspected, and when she's out of her cage, she always wants to be near us (except when she's playing cowboys and Indians with herself). Although totally unintentional, she's the best Easter gift ever.

And now, like Bun Bun...

...gotta run!

Note from the future: Um...some of the facts in this post turned out to be not 100% correct.


  1. Bun Bun is the CUTEST bunny ever - the picture on the rug is adorable!

  2. We have two other bunnies who would argue that it's a three-way tie (and I agree), but yes, she's very, very cute.