19 May 2011

Hungry Bunnies

The bunnies LOVE to eat. It's their very favorite thing. And one of their favorite things to eat is Italian parsley.

I'm not going to say that keeping three bunnies stocked with Italian parsley is sending us to the poorhouse (it costs about a dollar for a bunch that lasts a few days), but it is the cause of more trips to the grocery store than anything else we buy, so we decided to try growing it ourselves. (Look at us, going all Michelle Obama!)

This is a precursor to two things: growing Italian parsley (hopefully) in our vegetable garden, and (possibly) growing annuals from seeds (because Steve really wants to add some bigger pops of color to our yard but I don't want to spend a lot on a bunch of plants that we know are only going to last a few months). Anyway, I can't wait to feed the guys Italian parsley that was specially grown for them.

We'll report back as the project gets underway.

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