28 May 2011

Four Long Months

That's how long since I wrote this post about wanting a new look for the guest room. I finally pulled the trigger and bought the West Elm Spring Floral duvet I've had my eye on all year:

Anyway, in the meantime, I've also been exploring other options, and I liked this duvet (called Organic Reflections) enough to try it, too:

This one was on sale, which, combined with the 20% off coupon we had from their Etsy event back in February, made it a pretty good deal. The Spring Floral duvet wasn't on sale, but since we were using the coupon, we decided to go ahead and buy it.

I tried the Spring Floral first:

After laying it out on the bed, I knew that I didn't even need to try the Organic Reflections (good thing, too -- there's no way I would have been able to fold it back up like it was). I love how the Spring Floral looks with the wall color and the pillows. (A change is on the horizon for the night stands, and I'm still working on wall art.) We didn't anticipate that the blue and green floral pillows -- which we've had forever -- would go with the new bedding, so that was a nice surprise. We did, however, plan for the green pillow in front to work with the duvet when we bought it (also at West Elm) a few months ago:

We paid $5 for it, but it needs some work. It was (is) a Euro sham, which we wrapped around a smaller, rectangular pillow with plans to sew it smaller...someday. Here it is in all its mis-sized glory:

We also bought another pillow, although we probably won't keep it in the guest room (that's just where we have the best afternoon light for pictures):

Its felt loops give it a really neat texture (both tactile and visual):

It's a nice counterpoint to this dainty little linen pillow that I bought a couple of months ago at the Dillard's clearance center (which, sadly, closed last week):

But back to West Elm. I've had my eye on this "nutmeg"-colored throw for a while (which is great with the colors in the master bedroom), and between its clearance pricing and the coupon, I could finally rationalize the purchase:

And one last thing we picked up (for about $5 after the coupon) was this fun little note card set that we plan to give to a little friend as a gift:

'Cause when you're a kid, what's more fun than making something and getting your hands all inky at the same time?

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