17 May 2011

Flora Focus: Plumbago

A few weeks ago, a friend from the north asked what kind of plants grow well down here. I drew a bit of a blank but managed to remember plumbago:

Although I like its dainty blue flowers, I didn't think plumbago was too exciting, but she gushed over how much she loves it and how she has tried to grow it at her house, but it always dies with the first freeze.

By contrast, plumbago is a perfect drought-tolerant plant for Austin's climate, and our landscape plan included four of them in front of the office, so a couple of weeks ago, we bought and planted four one-gallon plumbagos:

(Ignore the bigger plant in the foreground. We'll talk about that another time.)

The plumbagos are doing pretty well. Just one week later, their original flowers had wilted, but there were even more to take their place. They're growing, too:

And now that I know that my boring little plumbagos are totally sought-after in grass-is-always-greener-land, I think they have become a little more fabulous in my eyes. Now if only they will grow to full-size this season and become one continuous low hedge....

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