13 May 2011

Flora Focus: Lavender

Our landscape designer had drawn two areas of lavender into our backyard plan. We have adjusted the plan a bit and have one larger area for the lavender, and the last nursery we went to happened to have two different varieties, so we picked up two little containers of each.

The two on the left are provence lavender, and the two on the right are goodwin creek lavender. Here are the tags:

As I've mentioned, I take the information on the tags as gospel...so I had to ask about the statement on the goodwin creek tag that said it would only get 2" wide (which was a typo -- it will actually grow to about two feet wide).

I love planting the tiny ones -- it takes about a second to dig the hole, and they're so easy to work with. Here's the provence lavender in the ground:

And the interesting, scalloped edge Goodwin Creek variety:

Since they're supposed to reach two feet across, I spaced them that far apart. Hopefully they will grow pretty much together (but if not, we can always plant more next year). Anyway, they're along the outside of the backyard bed, near the boulder:


  1. Love the lavender - have never seen the Godwin Creek variety. That's a very interesting looking plant - does it have the same characteristic smell when you crush a leaf?

  2. Just tested it -- yup, same smell. Same texture to the leaves, too.