22 May 2011

Flora Focus: Abelia

Our landscaping plan had a total of six dwarf pittosporums in the front planting area, but I wasn't too excited for boring green bushes, so we were on the lookout for a substitution that would still provide some color during the winter. What we found were two different varieties of abelia. (Apparently "glossy" is a commonly used variety, but we wanted something less common...and less green.)

First, for the front of the porch, kaleidoscope abelia's variegated leaves grabbed us:

They will grow larger but stay low to the ground, and the tag promises flowers and nice fall color:

Next, for the area along the side of the garage facing the entry, we went with canyon creek abelia:

It will grow a little taller but will also have flowers (and is already displaying some colorful new growth). Here are its specs:

Should be more interesting than a boring green sea of pittosporum:

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