18 May 2011


Commitment makes a person do things. Crazy things, sometimes.

Last night was the May Splash and Dash. I've never missed one in the four-year history of the series, so when I felt fluish the night before, I didn't know what I was going to do. I was pretty sure I'd be out there splashing and dashing, though, even if that wasn't, strictly speaking, the smartest thing. I woke up yesterday feeling pretty bad, but I dragged myself to work anyway (after sleeping in a bit) so that I could race in good conscience. (I live by the rule that if I'm not well enough to go to work, I don't get to engage in extracurricular activities, even if I'm legitimately feeling better by evening.) As the day went on, I gradually felt better, and while it wasn't my fastest Splash and Dash ever, I had a lot of fun. So my commitment to racing even if I might pass out in the middle of the lake paid off in the end.

Commitment can also make us do things that aren't so crazy. Things that perhaps we wouldn't have chosen, but are pretty great. Steve's birthday was a couple of weeks ago, and his main request was that we not spend the day working on landscaping. Instead, our day consisted mostly of eating and relaxing. We ate out for every meal -- breakfast at Tacodeli, lunch at Russell's Bistro, and dinner at Enchiladas Y Mas. We rode our bikes to breakfast (our first ride together since last fall). We also stopped by Polka-Dots Cupcake Factory for some seriously world-class birthday treats. Between meals, we took naps, watched TV and a movie, and read magazines. It was the perfect lazy day.

The day did include one bit of yard-related business, though. We went back to our nearest nursery to look for a plant they didn't have in stock the last time we were there (a search that met with success -- and it even ended up being free, thanks to points we've accumulated through the nursery's frequent shopper program).

Good life, indeed.

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