25 May 2011

Beat the Heat

A couple of weeks ago, after one of the sweet neighbor girls brought me a popsicle while I was slaving away in the hot, hot sun, I had an epiphany. I always came back into the house feeling totally overheated, but we never seemed to have anything tasty that hit the spot like that popsicle. I would usually drink a glass of juice, which was nice, but we don't tend to keep dessert-type treats in the house.

And then I remembered something I bought at Williams-Sonoma a few years ago. I fished it out of the cabinet, filled four of its compartments with orange juice and the other four with tangerine juice, and stuck popsicle sticks into each compartment (held in place with the lid that came with it). The next time I came in from working in the yard, I had popsicles, glorious popsicles waiting for me:

I felt like a genius.

I have since seen a similar set at Target that has individual plastic lids with built-in sticks and little cups to catch any melted juice. After working outside (or exercising, or just hanging out) on a hot day, there's nothing better. Or easier.

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