21 May 2011

Attempted Amphibicide (Frogslaughter?)

The other day I decided to fine-tune the position of the boulder in the backyard. (We set it on top of a small pile of soil to make it easy to lay edging and sod near/under it, and the time has come to nudge it down into its permanent spot.) Since it weighs about 600 pounds, I got out the rock bar and started trying to wiggle it into position. And then I saw these guys:

Apparently they have been living in the cranny under the boulder. So continuing to push the boulder around with the rock bar was going to kill someone. (So I stopped.)

What's worse is that these are probably the same frogs (toads?) I almost murdered in a rainbarrel-related near-drowning incident last week.

Oh -- and a minute later another baby appeared:

Cute, huh?

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