05 April 2011

Good and Planty

This weekend, while at Lowe's to pick up a few essentials, we took a detour through the huge spring plant section they set up in the parking lot. I was surprised at how many of the plants we have in mind are available there. (Whether we get them at Lowe's/Home Depot or from our fabulous local nursery, The Natural Gardener, remains to be seen. Lowe's is just so convenient....)

Anyway, without further ado, here are some of the plants we window-shopped:

Yellow bells, otherwise known as esperanza. (These get pretty tall and are absolutely covered with these yellow flowers. Love them.)

Lavender. (Not sure if it's on the city's Grow Green list, though, and we're required to use only Grow Green plants for our five-star green designation.)

Plumbago, a Grow Green mainstay:

My very favorite flower, oleander (I prefer the lighter pink over this fuchia, though).

Loropetalum. Our landscape designer drew this in somewhere, and while we really like the look of the red leaves, we realized later that it's not Grow Green-approved:

Liriope, which is similar to monkey grass but has lavender-like floral stems (none on these guys, but you can see them on the tag):

Knockout roses. These have just started blooming in Austin, and their flowers will last well into the fall. Gotta get a bunch of these:

Grandma's roses -- yellow's answer to the knockout rose (sign me up!):

Gaura. I'd never seen these before but recognized the name from the Grow Green book. In addition to the flowers being complex and beautiful, the leaves have an unexpected stripe of red down the center:

Silverado sage. Either this one or Texas sage (which looks pretty much identical) has tiny blue flowers:

East Friesland sage. I'd never seen this one before but was intrigued by its lavender-like flowers:

Bulbine, another popular Grow Green option:


There were even some small agaves. Not the prettiest variety, though, and not in great shape:

Last, yucca. I can't decide whether this makes me think, "ooh, yucca" or "ew, yuck-a." But since we're in Texas, I went with "shoot first, ask questions later" and took a picture:

Oh, how I wish we were ready to pop some of these fun plants into our landscape! (Have I mentioned that we're not patient people?)

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