19 April 2011

Things Are Looking Pretty Rosy

Our old condo was in Crestview, a neighborhood of 1950s bungalows just minutes from our new place. We would have loved to stay in Crestview, but most of the houses are teeny-tiny (some as small as 900 square feet), and the lots are also really small. Here's one on our old street that always catches my eye (and not just because of the look-at-me purple paint):

It's like an explosion of knockout roses. (And all of the plants are totally ideal for Austin's low rainfall and drought cycles.) I love how the owners put all of the good stuff right along the street, instead of back against the house.

I'm not sure that would fly on our new street, where everyone seems to take great pride in their lawns. (Yes, I've been peer-pressured into a big lawn.)

There are several yards like this on our old street. The view from inside these houses must be fantastic. Actually, I suspect that's why they did it -- Crestview's tiny houses and narrow lots don't leave much room for garages, so there are always lots of cars parked along the street, and the screen of roses, agaves, and other greenery are much prettier than a car-lined street.

Our landscaping is going to be configured differently (you know, because of the peer pressure), but this is pretty much what I'm going for with our landscaping.

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