09 April 2011

Status Saturday: The Garage That Ate Manhattan

It's been a while since I've posted a photo update of the status of the garage (the goal of which is to have pretty much nothing lining the walls). I'm sorry to report that, rather than getting better, it has gotten worse. I blame the landscaping, which has brought so many fun yard and garden (and even farm) implements into our life.

So here you have it:

From left, our Austin Energy Green Building sign, our city-issued garbage can (green), one of the Oscar the Grouch-style garbage cans we borrowed from our neighbor ages ago to put out yard waste (we have used these every week since about Christmas), our city-issued recycling bin (blue, with a fun new front door mat sitting on top waiting for me to take the tag off and swap it out for our out-of-season penguin mat), a roll of landscape fabric, two Rubbermaid storage bins we've had forever (with junk on top...and junk inside), our fancy new electric lawnmower, patio furniture for the screened porch that we haven't set up yet (sigh), my Go Devon and Hello Devon race signs (thanks, Ursula and Schaefer!),...

...a tarp and our pole saw (on top of the patio furniture boxes), a folding double camp chair that totally belongs in the attic, four pieces of the temporary mudroom cubbies that we recently replaced with an Ikea unit (there are still two more pieces in the powder room), a shoe organizer, the doormat that R left in the garage from construction,...

...our very (very) dirty yard shoes (which aren't allowed in the house, not even in the mudroom), miscellaneous boxes and things that need to be donated, more boxes, more junk, buckets and flexible bins that we use to collect weeds and garbage while we work on landscaping, more miscellaneous junk,...

the tiller we bought for the yard work (with plans to Craigslist it once we're finished), the rock bar/two shovels/two rakes, a tool box, a reciprocating saw, a chain saw, a ladder,...

...two spare interior doors, a huge rake (like golf courses have), the chunk of wood we used with the farm jack when we removed the fence posts, our lawn funnel, a broken shovel, a stack of lawn and leaf bags just waiting to be filled with weeds/grass/mulch/leaves, our new grill, the tiller box, the box our new Ikea cubbies came in, our garden cart, and the garbage can we bought to put out branches when our neighbor's two weren't enough.

Whew. Seriously, someone should organize that stuff. (And if we weren't working in the yard every possible minute -- I clocked 25 hours this week -- we would.)

By the way, we love that garden cart. It's no exaggeration to say that we've literally hauled tons of mulch, ground drywall, decomposed granite, stone, dirt, and other landscaping matter in it. (And since we're hauling tons of materials, the pivoting "dump truck" feature is fantastic for unloading.) Everyone who has been around when we've used it has been in awe of how much better it is than a wheelbarrow -- and that's without even showing them how the black plastic liner comes out and the sides come off to use it as a flatbed.

We bought it this time last year at Costco, and it's been a lifesaver. (They're selling a similar model now.) Any other worth-their-weight-in-gold landscaping tools we should be aware of?

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