18 April 2011


After reading about these guys' new bedroom rug last month, I decided to try the same Pottery Barn diamond jute rug in our guest room.

And I HATED it.

The placement of the bed meant that the rug wasn't centered on the bed, the color looked way too dark (and too brown), and I wasn't in love with the feel of it (jute, a natural fiber, isn't exactly soft). And although I love the look of the diamond pattern when it's up and down, the orientation of the rug in the room meant that I was looking at the diamonds the wide way, which, for some reason, seems way less interesting to me.

It wasn't going to work at all. Bummer.

But before rolling it back up and returning it, I decided to lay it out in the great room to see how (or whether) an 8'x10' rug would fit in that space. Because of the landscaping we've been doing, it was going to take a few days to actually get it in place and take some pictures for future reference, but the plan was to also try it turned the other way, halfway under and behind the sofa, so we could see if a 5'x8' rug was a better size.

But something happened when we got it in place.

I fell in love.

From the entry, the diamonds run the "wrong" way, but looking from the kitchen or dining area (which is mostly where we see it from), the subtle pattern looks fantastic.

I'm still amazed that a rug that was such a letdown in the guest room seems so perfect in the great room.

But that's where things get dicey. Because Steve HATES it. Hated it in the guest room, hates it in the great room. (Hated it in the store, too, but he humored me and let me buy it for the guest room since he wouldn't be spending time in there.) So we'll have to see how that turns out. (What is clear is that 8'x10' is the right size. Or at least that 5'x8' would be too small. A 6'x9' rug might work.)

In the meantime, here's another view (from the entry -- even with the diamonds going the wrong way, I love how the subtle texture of the rug works with the wood of the coffee table and all of the colors and patterns going on in the space):

Oh, and those things on the coffee table? Recent HomeGoods finds. I'm still undecided on the tall grey bowl in the back, but I'm completely in love with the purple platter and blue bowl in front ($8 and $5, respectively):


  1. Sorry Steve, but I LOVE it in the great room! Love, love, love.

  2. This looks awesome in the living room! But how is it gonna be for his allergies?

  3. We've had it for a few weeks now, so I'm going to conclude it isn't a problem. Actually, we've been using jute mats in the bunnies' cage for a long time without any issues, so I'm pretty sure he's not allergic. (BTW, our old bunny, Gatsby, had allergies -- not to jute -- and sneezed all the time. Adorable.)

  4. I love the rug, it totally completes the space!