20 April 2011

Patience (And Fuzzy Math)

I'm not a patient person. Sometimes that serves me well, like when Steve (who also lacks the patience gene) and I went from first thinking about buying the old house to having nearly-final plans for the new house in about three months. Other times impatience isn't so great -- like when I can't wait to blog about something, and the result is a series of not-so-compelling "here's what happened today" posts on pretty much the same topic.

I know I'll never be cured of my impatience, but I am trying to improve that aspect of my blogging. So, although there's exciting stuff going on at home right now (like, right now), I'm going to wait to share that news and instead show you one area of the landscaping that's totally done:

The sides of the house are only about five feet wide, and they get virtually no sun, so we decided gravel would be best. We used the bobcat to deliver loads of it to the east side of the house, to be spread into a nice, even layer, which I did earlier this week. The landscaping can be broken down into four areas -- front yard, back yard, east side yard, west side yard. By my calculations, having finished the east side yard (apart from the fence, which isn't really "landscaping"), we're officially 25% finished! (Steve disagrees. Something about the front and back yards being bigger and more complicated than the sides. Whatever.)

The river rock lined up against the house isn't staying there. I just put it there to get it out of the way of the rest of the gravel that still needs to be spread along the other side of the house and in this corner (where the raised vegetable garden beds are going to go):

Okay, back to trying to contain my enthusiasm for what's in the works!

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  1. River Rocks - nothing more fun than moving rocks, especially multiple times. I imagine you are getting a good core workout from all that rock moving. Sure to improve your triathlon!