15 April 2011

I Guess We're Really Doing This...

Today was one of those times when a bunch of planning came together into a moment when you realize that what you've been working toward is really going to happen -- that there's no stopping it now. Like when we talked about buying the old house, tearing it down, and rebuilding, and it all seemed like a fun fantasy, but when we submitted the offer -- and especially when we got word that our offer was accepted (after some wrangling back and forth) -- that's when we knew we were really going to do it. And with oh-gosh-I-don't-know-how-many-tons of soil and rocks in our yard (and a bobcat reservation for Saturday), I guess we're really doing this landscaping thing. I remember conversations with neighbors a couple of months ago, when we had our landscaping plan pretty much figured out, and they would ask if we were going to do it all ourselves. "Oh heavens no," I replied (because I talk like an eighty-year-old, apparently), "it's way too much for us to do ourselves." And yet here we are, nearly 200 hours and about three thousand dollars in (instead of zero hours but twenty thousand dollars in, give or take). Now on to the eye candy. (Wait, can pictures of dirt be described as "eye candy"? Maybe not. Perhaps I should just say, "here are some pictures of dirt.") The delivery took all day. We were getting five truckloads of material, and I thought a fleet of trucks would show up and unload in succession, but no -- we're pretty sure it was the same truck driving back and forth all day. (We concluded that, although our lot isn't huge, it's probably pretty rare for so much to be delivered on the same day, as professional landscapers don't really have the same incentive to economize as we (the people writing the checks) do. Although we paid a separate delivery charge for each truckload, we wanted to get all of the material here so we could move it around this weekend on a one-day bobcat rental fee.) Anyway, when the first truck arrived (or, when the truck first arrived), it backed right up onto the curb and did its dump truck thing.

Can you spot the boulder? (The Whittlesey folks were nice enough to pack the boulders in a dump truck with a load of soil, instead of putting them on a flatbed truck and charging us a separate $90 delivery fee.)

By midday, there were two piles of soil (totaling 24 cubic yards) and a load of 1"-ish gravel (seven cubic yards, plus some river rock) on the driveway.

And then three piles of soil...

...until the fourth arrived...

...and with that, we were fully stocked (and the sun had shifted).

So I guess we're really doing this....


  1. Oooh exciting - I think Schaefer would like you just to keep the three hills in the front garden.

  2. FOUR hills! Plus the rock pile! Yeah, I think he'd love it.

    But I also think he'd love the bobcat.

    Miss you guys!