25 April 2011

I Came, I Sod

This weekend we did some reconnaissance. Grass reconnaissance.

It's time to place our sod order. We have been planning for zoysia grass for its drought tolerance, but there are several varieties, and we wanted to see (and feel) the two that made our short list. We called the two places we have in mind to order from, but neither of them keeps stock on hand that we could look at. One of them, though, has palisades zoysia planted out front, so we took a drive up to see it.

We employed a very sophisticated testing procedure: 1. Remove shoes. 2. Step, step, step.

Unlike our other contender, zeon zoysia, palisades has wide blades:

It looks a bit like St. Augustine grass, but since it uses a whole lot less water, it feels drier (and maybe a little pricklier) and isn't quite as lush as St. Augustine. All in all, though, we liked it.

There was another kind of grass on the premises, too. We're not sure if it was another variety of zoysia or something else, but it was definitely a fine-blade grass, so we took a picture for comparison purposes:

That's pretty much what zeon zoysia looks like -- fine blades packed densely. Zeon has gotten a lot of fanfare for drought-tolerance, disease-resistance, low maintenance, and other good qualities, but I was really drawn to the palisades (which shares many of the same attributes), so I think that's going to be our choice.


  1. Are you going to have a lot of lawn?

    (We're only going to have a small patch, but we're still going to try to get some sort of low-water option...)

  2. We are going to have about 2,000 square feet (the maximum allowed for a five-star rating from Austin's green building program), plus the 18' right-of-way (which is city property but looks like a continuation of our front yard). You can see our landscaping plan here.

  3. 2,000 is a lot of sod to buy...and lay!! I have laid sod 3 times (in previous house) and it's a back-breaker.

    Good luck. :)

  4. That's one area where we're definitely going to pay someone to do it for us. Installation is only costing $400 (which proves, I think, that they can do it so much more efficiently than we could -- it would take us, like, three weeks to lay all of that sod).