24 April 2011

Easter Bunny Needs a Home!

This little guy hopped into our lives yesterday.

(Girl, actually (I think), and she didn't technically hop -- she was driven.)

Last week a former co-worker found a tiny bunny in her yard. Long story short (she has dogs, etc.), today we became her guardians until we can find her a permanent home. She doesn't have a name, so we've been calling her Little Bun Bun.

She's very sweet and very mellow. She's obviously been handled a lot and is very comfortable with people. I think she'd do great with kids (as long as they are old enough to be gentle).

She is teeny tiny. (My fingers can almost reach all the way around her midsection.) She's probably still a baby.

She has such a sweet face:

And lovely coloring -- mostly tan with some light grey accents:

She's a good eater. Here she is going town on some Italian parsley:

And then taking a break to ponder the meaning of life:

Although she probably isn't more than a few months old, she's already litter box trained, too.

I took lots of pictures, trying to get a few good ones to post. Most of them turned out like this:

What can I say? She's a bunny on the move.

Anyway, if you're in the Austin area and are interested in a bunny, let me know. (Obligatory bunny ownership disclaimer: Bunnies aren't to be adopted casually. They live 8-10 years and have similar veterinary needs (read: costs) as dogs and cats. They need love and attention and should only be adopted if you're willing to make a long-term commitment to a wonderful little friend.)

Whether your day involves real bunnies or the chocolate kind, Little Bun Bun and I wish you a very happy Easter!

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