23 April 2011

A Different Kind of "Green" Post

This isn't about energy-efficiency or water conservation or anything. It's about my Bissell Little Green Machine.

We've probably had it for ten years (long enough that the white plastic has yellowed), and it's been a lifesaver more than once. I recall using it to clean up baby bunny pee when this little handful of adorable wet the carpet:

We haven't had much use for it since we moved out of the condo (which was the last time we had carpet), but it was a lifesaver this week when I spilled diesel gasoline on my cloth car seat in the process of trying to fill up the bobcat before it was picked up (which was just before the police arrived (for unrelated reasons) -- it was a very chaotic morning...).

Anyway, back to the Green Machine. It came with a little container of cleaning solution (you can buy refills), but we've always just used it with water. I don't even know where that little container is anymore, so when I realized we probably needed something stronger to get the gas out of the upholstery, I just rubbed in some of our Dr. Bronner's liquid hand soap then applied water and sucked it out with the Green Machine. I don't know what we would have done without it, but I know my car would still be smelling like gasoline. For $80-$100 on Amazon (depending on the model), I'd definitely buy another if this one ever stopped working. The one time a year or so that we use it, it's worth its weight in gold.

There was one problem, though. It did such a good job of cleaning the edge of the seat where the gas spilled that it's now impossible to miss the layer of grime covering the rest of the seat (I guess that's to be expected over six years):

Yuck. Another project for another day.

To finish this post on a less gross note, and in honor of Easter, some gratuitous baby bunny pictures:

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