22 March 2011

Time Lapse

Isn't technology the best? I've been known to say that sarcastically when my computer has just crashed or the copier is eating a document, but this time I mean it -- because I just used the magic of the internet to track down a bunch of pictures of the house over a period of years. Google Earth actually goes back to the 90s, although the quality of satellite pictures back then wasn't worth showing you. I found, in searching different mapping sites, that a lot of them use Google's images...just maybe not the most current of Google's images. Here, for instance, is what Bing shows for our address:

That's the old house before the fire. Yahoo is still displaying a pre-fire picture, too:

I'm not sure satellite imagery was necessary to see that yellow car from space.

Here's Mapquest's picture. You can tell it was taken shortly after the fire because of the holes in the roof (which appear here as dark spots on the back side, just below the peak) and that white mass out front -- something that was dragged out of the house (carpet?) in the clean-up process:

Then there's Google Earth's shot from November 2009 (a couple of weeks after construction began, before the foundation was poured):

That picture was only used for Google Maps for a few months before being replaced by this one, taken in January 2010:

That's Google's current picture. The funny thing is that clicking on "street view" still brings up this burnt-out, boarded up house (which was for sale at the time, which places the shot around May-June 2009):

So technology isn't perfect, but it can be pretty nifty.


  1. Well the aerial views are from a satellite...but the street view requires one of their camera cars to drive by. That doesnt happen too often.

  2. Google's crazy camera-car has been to Austin at least twice. The first time was just before Christmas (2006ish?), so there were lots of decorations on the houses. I wonder if those images are out there somewhere....