05 March 2011

Status Saturday: Wall Art (Part 1, The Little Stuff)

The first time our landscape designer came over, she asked how long we'd been in the house; when we told her six months, she was surprised because there was "still nothing on the walls." Apart from one wide wall in the dining area, I didn't think we had enough wall space in the great room for the lack of art to be apparent...but apparently it was, and her comment has been replaying in my head ever since.

We still have a long way to go, but we have gotten a bunch of smaller pieces up on the walls. Some of the placement will change over time, I'm sure, as we get new pieces and figure out what really belongs where, but for now we're having fun hanging things that haven't been up on a wall in almost two years -- and others that we've had for years and years and are finally putting into frames.

We moved the fall leaves, a gift from my friend Andrea almost ten years ago, from the great room cabinets to the master bedroom where we get to see them all the time:

Next, the front bathroom. My host mother from my year in Paris during college gave me this neat little picture of l'Ile de la Cite and Notre-Dame:

In our old condo, we kept it in the navy powder room, and although I loved it against dark blue, it's nice with the classical styling of the black and white bathroom:

A silhouette of Steve and me on horseback during our honeymoon landed on another wall in there:

It was like Christmas when I unwrapped the bubble wrap and found this little Delft tile depicting two children playing field hockey, which I picked up in the little Dutch town of Haarlem during my year in Paris. Without any blue bathrooms (we had two in the condo), I tucked it among some other favorite things on the front bathroom towel rack/shelf:

Then there's the Van Gogh irises print that I've had since college. The colors couldn't be better in the office, and last month's furniture reorganization created a perfect spot for it:

I've already told you about the pears/pear trees picture I picked up at the West Elm/Etsy event last weekend:

But after pulling out my collection of never-been-framed art that I've had forever, I think the pears are destined to become a part of a gallery wall over the guest bed:

(If you're wondering, the newly framed pictures are, clockwise from the top: an old building in Crested Butte, Colorado, which now houses the gallery from which I bought the print; a watercolor of Rome's Trevi Fountain; the announcement we sent out after eloping; an engraving of the medieval fortress of Carcassonne, my favorite place in France; and a picture of the boathouse at Sweet Briar College, developed and printed by yours truly in my sophomore year photography class.)

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