11 March 2011

Moving Back Inside...

In between bouts of yard work, I've been trying to bring some order to the great room shelves. It's still too soon for the big reveal, but I wanted to share a few items that are starting to come together.

I bought this small ceramic planter at a garage sale last summer. At $4 or $5, I think I overpaid, but the shape appealed to me. I don't have a picture of the original color, but believe me when I say its dark, kelp-y green wasn't too pretty, so I spray painted it in Krylon's Jade (after a coat of Rustoleum spray primer). I didn't love the result, though (too close to the Celery elephant, maybe):

So I tried again with Krylon's Peekaboo Blue:

It's not right with the honeysuckle box, but I like the color a lot better, and it ties in with the fabric on the slipper chairs.

Moving on...I've had these
metal bear bookends since law school:

We don't own many books (we prefer the library), but Steve gave me this set of photo albums for Christmas a few years ago:

I took them out of their box and put them on a shelf between the bears. But the bears kind of disappeared into the dark wood.

So I threw some Krylon Caramel Latte at them:

Much better.

Side note -- the process of spray painting these items meant that, for a brief time, we had the world's tackiest sculpture garden going on in the back yard.

(Actually, I fear there's probably much tackier out there. Permanently. And not in an ironic way.)

While I continue to try to pull the shelves together, here's a sneak peek:

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