28 March 2011

Christmas Wrap-Up

Last Christmas, I had the brilliant idea to simplify gift giving by exchanging gifts that were handmade, used, etc. Although I was really excited about the things I found for my family, the plan was only moderately successful. (I gave my brother personalized notecards and a book about how to write award-winning tweets; he gave me delicious but entirely store-bought hot chocolate...and from the look of his recent tweets, he still hasn't read the book. (Hi, Kevin! Yup, I'm talking about you!))

My mom got more into the spirit. Among other things, she gave me some cuttings from her croton plant. (A+ for taking the theme and running with it.) She had cut them around October and put them in water, but when she arrived for Christmas, she still wasn't sure if they were going to "take." I'm good at ignoring plants, though, so I left the cuttings in water and after a few weeks, two of them had sprouted obvious roots. (The third had sprouted obvious death.) So for the last month or two, I've been meaning to plant them. And I finally did.

I kill store-bought plants all the time, so finding a spare pot was easy. And one of the builder's guys told me a while back that rooting hormone would help with the transition to living in dirt, so I picked up a bottle.

The roots sure look like they're ready to be planted:

Although the instructions made it seem as though rooting hormone is to be used if you're planting a cutting before it sprouts roots, I went with it. I don't know if there's a special technique for applying it; the instructions seemed to presume that I knew what I was doing. (There were tips for before dipping and after dipping, but nothing on the actual dipping.) So I just stuck the cutting in the bottle, wiggled it around...

...and put it in the pot...

...then added more potting soil.

Et voila -- three weeks from almost certain death. (Hopefully not.)

Oh, and I threw in a few of these water retaining crystals, 'cause I saw someone on TV talking about them. (They're supposed to help with my watering issues.)

And if someone's on TV, it's safe to assume he knows what he's talking about, right?

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  1. LOL - I think I'm really going to enjoy reading about your gardening efforts once you get started. :)