12 February 2011

Status Saturday: The Office (Part 3)

Last week, Steve and I got a bee in our metaphorical bonnet to rearrange the office furniture. Here's a reminder of what used to be where (during the brief period in December when we were trying out that round rug, which we've since returned):

See the desk on the right? Steve made it a few years ago out of a piece of nice plywood and set it on two shelf units that he built to store tools in the condo. He loved the size of the desktop -- three feet by seven feet -- but the height of the shelves made the work surface too high for comfort. I have a long-term plan in mind, but it's going to require a lot of work. In the meantime, I generously offered Steve my desk, so we moved it over to "his" side of the office:

That left a big gap on the other side of the room, so we moved the shelf to the other wall and brought in the plantation chair from the guest room to create a sitting area:

(Oh, those pillows on the two chairs? Same pillow, different coordinating fabric on each side, $3.74 each at the Dillard's clearance center near us. If there's one near you, check it out for unbelievable deals.)

We put the plywood desktop in the garage but kept the shelf units in the office to help us get all of our paperwork and office supplies under control (it's an ongoing effort...). Here's one of them, which we put on the wall between the doors to get the wire organizer off the floor:

Not too bad for a temporary storage solution....

So that's the current state of the office. If you're wondering what we did with the corner of the guest room that was newly plantation chair-less, we put the second desk chair (dining chair) there. (We figured our guests can recline on the bed, so a regular old chair would be just as good in that spot.) That corner is still a work in progress, but it'll do for now:

That pillow is really special. It's a traditional Ukrainian design, and Steve's Aunt Helen gave it to us.

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  1. I like the relocation of the plantation chair. Also, this is off topic, but I think my favorite post of yours was the one about the sight lines throughout your house...something I had never thought about but would if I ever have the chance to design/build my own house.