16 February 2011


One of the reasons people always give for living in Texas is the weather. The mild winters theoretically make up for the HOT summers. But there's actually a lot more cold than people realize (such as the blizzard we experienced a couple of weeks ago), and temperatures in the 30s-50s are great for running. Especially when you're running for hours on end. Like in a marathon.

But nooooo, it's going to be in the 60s on Sunday. Why? Why?! WHY?! 40 degrees is probably my sweet spot -- cool enough to be comfortable, warm enough not to chase away all of the spectators. But 62 will be okay, too, I guess.

Oh, and did I mention there's a decent chance of rain? Warm and humid. Awesome.

Reminder: just four days left of my comment drive for the Capital Area Food Bank. I'll donate $1 for each comment you leave on any post through the day of the marathon. So get to it!


  1. You'll be able to find a way through the heat I'm sure! I'll be sending freak cold thoughts your way though. Care to get online after your first marathon? If you want to let me know...