25 February 2011

In Print

Little known fact about me: I have a 100% success rate with letters to the editor. In the past, I've written to the Austin newspaper about such topics as medical malpractice reform and the lack of garbage cans at water stops in a local 10k race and to the editor of the University of Texas newspaper about rising tuition costs (and how -- at least as of writing about eight years ago -- UT tuition was still one of the best values in the country). Each time I've written in, the editor has seen fit to publish my letter.

After the marathon last weekend, I just had to put my perfect record on the line to write a "thank you" to the community for the support the people of this fair city showed to runners. Especially over the last six or seven miles, where dozens of ordinary citizens stood out in front of their houses with buckets of pretzels, tubs of candy, and trays of oranges to give runners a boost to make it to the finish line. So I typed up a short note to the editor of the Austin paper -- and they published it!

I cannot tell you how amazing those oranges were. I had thought there was only one time during the year when it was okay to take food from random strangers, but now I know there are two times: (1) Halloween and (2) marathon.

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  1. LOL - That's awesome - glad your record wasn't put at risk! And glad you got the support you needed...