06 February 2011


I'm awake at 6 a.m. on a Sunday morning because I'm so, so hungry. The feeling that my stomach is trying to digest itself woke me up and won't let me fall back to sleep. Marathon training in general -- and running 16 miles yesterday in particular -- burns a ton of calories, and I'm often too tired to properly replenish my energy stores.

As I lay awake, thinking about how I should drag myself out of bed and get something to eat, I realized how lucky I am to be so hungry because of something I did to myself. For fun. Not because a natural disaster or civil unrest has prevented food from reaching me. Not because my country is too poor to properly provide for its people. Not because my family can't afford good, nutritious food.

So I thought about what I could do to celebrate the blessings in my life (and my upcoming marathon), and Jennifer of Rambling Renovators came to mind. Jennifer hosts a "cans for comments" food drive on her beautiful design blog, donating one can for each comment she receives during a specified timeframe. (Last year, this effort resulted in a donation of 136 cans to her food bank up in Toronto!)

I prefer to donate cash, as food banks have special arrangements with the big food companies that enable them to get much better value for their money than I could. (Plus, Steve's company matches cash donations.) So...for every comment I receive over the next two weeks, I will donate one dollar to the Capital Area Food Bank. You can comment on any post, and I'll add them up and write a check (the bigger, the better!) after the marathon.

So...comment away!


  1. Oh wow, I'm glad you were inspired to do your own campaign! Consider this one more $1 donated :)

  2. Hey Devon! Started reading your blog after we received your Christmas letter. I don't usually have time to comment but will make an effort to do so on these posts. : )

  3. Hi Sophie! Great to hear from you. And thanks for the comments (also to Michele and RR).