26 February 2011

Buried in Linens

It was time.

Time to finally organize the linen closet. It wasn't a pretty sight, and it had gotten to the point where we had a perpetual laundry basket in the master closet with linens that we never folded because we knew there wouldn't be anywhere to store them in the linen closet...because the linen closet looked like this:

Pillow cases were colonizing not one but two shelves:

So I took everything out and started over. The spare pillows stayed on the top shelf, but everything else was moved around and pared down.

I wrangled the pillowcases into two wooden boxes on a single shelf. There are a lot of them.

My favorite part is that sheets are now organized by the room they serve -- guest room above the pillowcases and master below. No more pulling out each set and unfolding sheets to see if they're queen or full.

There's a big stack of things for Goodwill (including a few more pillowcases):

Tablecloths/cloth napkins/place mats moved into kitchen drawers, and a handful of random items went into a storage bin to go up to the attic. The linen cabinet in the front bathroom even got in on the re-org action. There's no before shot, but trust me, it's a huge improvement. The towels, too, are now arranged by the bathroom they go in (newer, fluffy white for the master bathroom, older, less fluffy white for the front bathroom, and patterned for the guest bathroom), with extra blankets stacked below:

It really is the little things in life....

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