13 February 2011

Bright Lights, Big Neighborhood

Our neighborhood may or may appear in a movie later this year. The word on the block last week was that filming was going on in the park behind my house, but I swung by to check things out and only found a staging area. On a typical winter weekday, this parking lot would usually only have a handful of cars in it, but on Friday there were a bunch of trailers bearing the names of local movie support companies, as well as dozens of cars:

I'm not one to get stars in my eyes over celebrities -- which is just as well, as there were none to be found -- but I am always interested to learn about new things. How movies get made is pretty foreign to me, so it was neat to see some of the support vehicles, including the trailer where the director apparently hangs out (you know, when he's not directing stuff):

The huge truck in the center of the first picture turned out to have two restrooms on the right and what appeared to be four dressing rooms on the left, each marked with the name of (I assume) one of the characters in the movie. Every night last week, we could see lights on above each door from our bedroom window. (I wonder if they were filming nighttime scenes in the park?) Here it is after they were finished using it for the day and had folded up the staircases leading to each door:

It could also double as a jail for bad actors and actresses....

Last but not least, there was the hair and make-up trailer, appropriately labeled "Hair & Make-Up":

It would have been fun to see some actual "lights, camera, action" action, but this wasn't bad for our sleepy little neighborhood.


  1. That sounds pretty cool, even so! When I lived in Providence, there was some TV show filming on location, but I wasn't familiar with the show and I would imagine there are fairly significant differences between filming a TV episode and a movie (and being right in a city might make a difference too, as I didn't see any of those trailers around!).

  2. Cool! When I lived in NYC, there were often trailers parked along the street where I worked. Never saw any stars, though...