15 January 2011

Weather to Run...or Not

Today was another 22 mile training run. It didn't hurt quite as much as a few weeks ago (when we ran the same course, but in reverse), but it was still SO HARD. And the rain didn't help. (If I could be guaranteed that we would have dry weather for the marathon, I would have skipped it. The only thing that got me out the door at 6:30 this morning was the possibility that the marathon would be wet, too...and I didn't want that to be the first time I had to slog through 20-something miles of pouring rain.)

I'll spare you the details of the run and just say that I've spent the rest of the day (after showering) resting and trying to replenish the 2000+ calories I used up on the run. And wondering how I'm going to do it again, and more, on marathon day.

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