16 January 2011

Status Sunday: The Guest Room, Take 2

It just isn't working.

Our guest room, which was so pretty in our old condo, has different proportions and windows and everything here, and it's just never going to be the cohesive space it used to be.

(Even though I recently found a second pear lamp at HomeGoods...but I think I'm going to move them into the master bedroom. Don't tell Steve. He thinks they're too big for everyday use, but maybe he won't notice.)

Our current guest room is the exact same yellow that we put in the guest room of the condo (Sherwin-Williams Parchment), and it worked so well in there, but it just doesn't feel the same here (plus different sun exposure really changes the way a color looks on the walls, and it's a completely different color in direct afternoon sun during the summer). I've been thinking that my color decision was totally wrong for the guest room, but I really, really didn't want to have to repaint (and even if I did, what color?), so I was thrilled to find this duvet from West Elm's new line:

The color is actually a little less bold than it appears in that picture. In person, it's closer to this:

The yellow in the pattern, which is brighter and more saturated than our wall color, will be just enough of a tie-in for the yellow walls to work. I see painting the bed frame and nightstands in my future, and I've started looking at fun fabric options for curtains from Tonic Living.

After being in such a hurry to make decisions on lighting, colors, etc. for each room (because we had to in order to keep up with the construction schedule), I've been realizing that I didn't really think through what we planned to put in each room that would pull together the colors, the lighting, etc...but at least now we have the luxury of time to figure it all out.

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