29 January 2011

Status Saturday: The Bunny Room (and the Bunny)

Since we put up the bunny curtains and tree wall art back in August, the bunny room has been one of the most complete rooms of the house...but that doesn't means there isn't room for improvement. And since we try to limit the bunny decor in the rest of the house, this space is perfect for bunnying up.

As a Christmas gift for Steve, I took an old three-picture frame from Pier 1, got a custom off-white mat from Hobby Lobby to replace the stark white mat that didn't match our trim color, and added three bunny notecards:

It now hangs to the right of the bunny room doors. I had thought it would go on the left side, but the light switch over there meant that it would have been too high on the wall. Instead, I mounted an old Pottery Barn shelf (from the guest room of the condo), popped an old Easter card into a frame I had lying around, and added a wooden bunny that wasn't working on the dark built-ins and a stuffed bunny that I've had forever:

I've also ordered a swatch of some festive bunny fabric from Tonic Living and will probably order a yard to make some fun holiday curtains for their room, assuming they don't clash too much with the wall color. Even if they do, I'm hoping that Tonic Living's extra-large swatch will include the bunny part of the pattern in a way that I can frame and display at Christmas. (BTW, I just picked up a couple of sets of super-affordable black frames from Target's Great Save Event, which I'm sure will start making appearances around the house)

Now that the decor update is out of the way, let's focus on the real star of this post: the ever-handsome Mr. Dash.

I haven't given an update on his condition in a few weeks, and I'm happy to report that the incision under his ear is healing nicely. We continue to give him Cipro and antibiotic ear drops twice a day, and now that he doesn't have an open wound, we'll start back on nightly physical therapy in hopes of alleviating his head tilt. Even if it is permanent, though, Dash is a happy little bunny and always beats Millie to the food bowl.

And at the intersection of decor and bunny news, World Market recently stopped selling the seagrass (sea grass? One word, or two? Not sure) mats that we use for their cage (but are really intended to be used as floor rugs):

Dash isn't entirely steady on his feet, so he needs these mats on the bottom of his cage for traction. When I couldn't get them at World Market anymore, I started googling around for a new source and found a bunny organization in the midwest that also uses the mats (bunnies love to eat them, too), and they were nice enough to share with me their new mail order source, Frank's Cane and Rush Supply. If you're as bummed as we are that World Market no longer stocks the mats, Frank will take care of you.


  1. Thank you for posting the link to Frank's Cane & Rush, I'll check 'em out! All the seagrass mats I've seen are crazy expensive, but I love the little squares which can be replaced as the buns nibble. :) Dash & Millie are sweeties! <3