01 January 2011

Occupational Hazard

When you're married to an engineer, this is a fun weekend project:

Pretty much since the day we moved in, Steve has been wanting to install a hoist system in the attic to assist in bringing heavy items up. We even went so far as to buy a hoist, but it was expensive and bulky, and I convinced him that we should take it back and work toward the same result (more or less) with pulleys. Which apparently was really fun. Or so I hear. I wasn't actually involved -- I was busy working on more holiday clothespins to hang the last round of Christmas cards that arrived this week...

...before I take them all down in the next few days.

Anyway, now all we need for our pulley system is some kind of heavy-duty bag or strapping system to contain whatever we're trying to lift or lower, and we'll be all set. (Of course, for heavier items, we also have the option of adding extra pulleys to increase the "mechanical advantage," which I hear is the technical term for how much lighter things feel because of the pulley magic.)

I wonder how many times I'll catch Steve testing the system in the coming weeks -- like in the above pictures, where he was lowering a shopping bag full of the tools he used to install it.


  1. Like the pulley system - and that Millie & Dash have their own stockings. For material transport, have you considered one of those giant blue IKEA shopping bags? Or a 5 gallon bucket?

  2. Yes -- one of those giant IKEA bags is currently the leading idea. We were actually planning to head up there yesterday, until we got caught up at the super-clearance sale at Dillard's at Highland Mall (did you know it's closing? Everything is at least 85% off. They're pretty much giving stuff away).