30 January 2011

Morning Glory

The title of this post unfortunately does not refer to my performance at this morning's half marathon. (I'll spare the gory details, but the bottom line is that I not only did not achieve my goal of taking fifteen seconds per mile of my best time on this course, but I was actually fifteen seconds slower per mile (finishing more than six minutes slower than my goal), and every step was a struggle to keep going. If there's a silver lining with regards to the marathon -- in three weeks! -- it's that (1) I proved to myself that I am able to keep pushing the pace even if I'm not hitting my goals and (2) even the disappointing pace I ran was still faster than my goal for the marathon, albeit only for half the distance.)

But back to the real reason for this post. I've been working on picking fabrics for curtains in all of the rooms, and I've found a fun one that I think is going to be perfect for the exercise room -- Amy Butler's Morning Glory:

I love the bright, cheery red -- which is way bolder than the muted grey-blue of the walls -- so I'm happy that the blue background in the fabric ties the two together:

I placed my order this afternoon (from a local company that is online-only), so I should receive the fabric in the mail in the next few days. If all goes well, I may have them sewn and hung by this time next week.

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