05 January 2011

Making Lemonade

Since this was the first year we had a full-sized Christmas tree, this was the first year we had to wrangle a full-sized Christmas tree out of the house and out to the curb for the city to pick up to make into mulch.

What a pain.

We had to move the sofa, console table, coffee table, end table, and two lamps just to clear the way to the front door, and needles fell everywhere (despite our brilliant plan involving a tarp under and around the tree). And while we didn't have to do it at 9 pm, we suddenly felt inspired to get it outside in time for this week's pickup, leaving all those needles to clean up before bed, lest we leave an even bigger mess for tomorrow.

But once that was done, we realized that we had an opportunity to clean a big chunk of the floor that isn't usually accessible to the floor cleaner mop. (We use Bona hardwood cleaner because the finish is a Bona product, but they also recommend simply using vinegar and water, so we might try that in the future.) So before going to bed, we put the Roomba on the job so that we can do the wet clean in the morning and put the living area back together tomorrow night. Here he is at work:

The two black objects in the bottom right corner of the picture are virtual walls, which we used to confine him to just the area of immediate concern so he would finish sooner. (He'll probably clean the rest of the great room tomorrow.)

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