20 January 2011

Landscape Design, Take Two

Back in August, we met with a landscape designer who had some good ideas but ultimately wasn't right for us. It was also so soon after we finished construction that we still had decision fatigue, and we just weren't ready to get started on landscaping. The decision to put it off until spring came easily after that meeting.

But spring will be here before we know it. Applying to the green building tour lit a fire under us to refocus on landscaping, as the selection process includes site visits in February and pictures for the tour book in March. I think we still have a bit of a selection hangover from construction, but we just can't put it off any longer.

Tomorrow we're meeting with a landscape designer who just might be perfect for us. In addition to having a lot of experience with native, drought-tolerant landscapes like we're shooting for, she did the landscaping at a house our builder was working on at the same time as ours (a very similar, five-star green house), and my cousin, who used to work with her at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, had great things to say about her. Plus I sent her pictures of the front and back yards, which look positively post-apocalyptic, and her response focused the beauty of the house rather than the sorry state of the current landscaping.

I'm nervous about our meeting because we still haven't figured out exactly what we want (rainwater collection cistern? Paver driveway? More lawn and less planting bed, or vice versa?), but hopefully her knowledge and experience will guide us toward the perfect solution on some of these issues. And hopefully the perfect solution won't completely deplete our bank account.

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