28 January 2011

Green House, Good Life, Good Food

Steve designed us an amazing kitchen...

...but we haven't been making the most of it.

While we don't eat out a whole lot, we don't make meals from scratch very often, either. We tend to eat things that don't require much preparation -- store-bought ravioli, soup from the Soup Peddler, etc. And that's just a waste of a good kitchen.

So we recently instituted Family Dinner Tuesdays. We alternate planning responsibility, but we cook together. Last week, Steve made tuna burgers (with fresh ginger mixed into them...delicious!) while I made mango sorbet for dessert.

I also made whole wheat rolls for the burgers, and Steve picked up some frozen vegetables, which rounded out the food groups (along with milk).

This week I decided on one of the first dishes we ever made together -- cod with mashed potatoes on top, and a layer of garlic in between. (You'd think the potatoes would be really heavy on the fish, but they're not.)

I also bought some white asparagus, but I forgot to cook it, so Steve heated up some more of the vegetables from last week. And we had store-bought bread, 'cause we're still working on pulling together the perfect 100% home-cooked meal. But it's a step in the right direction, and there's a certain formality about Family Dinner Tuesday that makes it nice to sit down together, put distractions aside, and just talk about our day.

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