22 January 2011

Fabric Sample Misfire

The process of deciding on window coverings is officially underway. Two weeks ago I ordered samples of four fabrics from fabric.com that I thought might work in the master bedroom, and the package finally arrived yesterday. Here they are with our bed spread, quilt, and rug for color comparison.

This stripe is cute, but too narrow, and too pink.

This leaf pattern is okay, but not for yards and yards of curtains. Too boring.

I actually really love this stripe, but, again, too pink to work with the red in the room. All of the other colors are perfect for color scheme going on in there. If only one of the pink stripes were red....

I have no natural aptitude for this stuff, so it was a big step for me to pick out and order samples, and I didn't expect to find a winner on the first try. I'm going to make missteps, and I'm happy to do it with $2 swatches instead of $100 of fabric.

Today we also visited yet another local fabric store to look for contenders, but we struck out.

Next up? Samples from Tonic Living, a really neat fabric store in Toronto. Their selection is more modern, more retro, more fun, and I can't wait to get my hands on their swatches.

(The fourth sample of my order, you ask? They forgot to send it. But it was the least likely to work anyway, so it's no big deal.)

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