07 January 2011

Cool Day

My day started around 6:30 this morning, when I drove up to our builder's office to clear up a miscommunication regarding some warranty work. (He's an early riser, and I was pretty sure I could catch him there before the sun came up.) Our conversation went well, and we're back on track. While I was there, he asked if we were interested in applying to the Cool House Tour, an event sponsored by the utility company and a local solar energy association that features ten or twelve homes with a variety of energy-efficiency and sustainability features. In addition to educating the public generally about green building techniques and products, our house is a great example of green construction looking like just another pretty house. We've considered applying to the tour but were thinking about next year. We'll give it some more thought. (If we do it, that means we'll absolutely have to finish up our landscaping, fence, driveway, etc., by mid-spring.)

I then ran home, put on my lawyer clothes, and headed to the airport to fly to Houston, where I spent a few hours in federal court. (Have I mentioned how much I love going to court? I love, love, love going court! It's my absolute favorite part of my job.)

But I started to feel fluish toward the end of the afternoon, and by time time I got home, I was achy and chilly. (Tomorrow's 18-mile run may be out.) So it was a lovely surprise to find these flowers waiting on the doorstep, along with a nice note from our builder thanking me for stopping by his office this morning:

That's right -- there are bunnies tucked in among the flowers! A good day indeed.

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