03 January 2011

Boxing Day Fell on December 24 This Year (?!)

Yesterday I wrote about the latest round of garage organizing. But what I didn't tell you was that this was a case of "it has to get worse before it gets better."

Last month, we ordered two dining chairs to assess how they would work in our dining area (see them in all their glory here), and a few days before Christmas we decided to order ten more before Costco's sale ended. They came in record time, arriving the morning of Christmas Eve...which meant that we had to put them somewhere just hours before we were hosting dinner for eight. So we had the FedEx guy put them the only place where they would be out of the way:

And they fit in the garage, but just barely, and there was no way we would be able to get our cars out of the garage with boxes taking up every square inch.

Plus, we were about to host dinner for eight, and since we were going to have to use the first two of the new chairs anyway, we decided to unpack the boxes. Since we have wood floors and are really careful to protect them against scratches, that necessitated a trip to Lowe's for felt pads for the legs. (We had some left over from when we moved in, but not nearly enough for 48 legs.)

So we were suddenly all set on chairs, but we were still limited to a 6-person table supplemented by a folding table. We decided to set them up in a square configuration for easier conversation, and while the mismatched tablecloths weren't ideal, the new chairs made the space look pretty decent:

And, of course, I forgot (again) to take any pictures of the actual Christmas Eve dinner festivities.

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