09 January 2011

And It Only Took Three Months...

You know how, this fall, I started going to garage sales on my way home from marathon training? (I've never been a garage saler, but I love the prospect of finding something great at a fraction of retail price and working it into the house in ways that I'd never thought of before.) Around October, I saw a small, shallow square planter priced at fifty cents and immediately realized that the master bathroom really needed some cacti. I thought the color would be a good match to the counters, and at that price, it wouldn't be a big deal if it wasn't. But it was:

And that's how it stayed for months, until my mom bought me these little guys just before Christmas:

And that's how they've been for the last few weeks, until I found some vase filler at Ikea this weekend. So I'm happy to present, for under $12, this cheery little number for our otherwise neutral bathroom:

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