31 December 2010

Year in Review

2010 has been a heck of a year. I've written plenty about it already, though, and don't feel the need to revisit the highs and lows. Instead, I'm going to take the road less traveled...by focusing on the roads not traveled at all -- things that didn't happen, that I didn't do (although I thought -- and sometimes even publicly declared -- that I would). I'm sure there are more I'm forgetting, but in short, here are some of the things that 2010 didn't bring:
  • Landscaping (read about our false start on that front here)
  • Rye grass seed, which I intended to spread until we landscape in the spring (read about that short-lived plan here)
  • Built-in cubbies in the mudroom -- on the 2011 to-do list for sure
  • More bunnies -- after Dash got sick in May (update here), we realized that two is the right number for us
  • Visit to my grandmother in Oregon -- as much as I hate to say it, the house, moving, etc. got in the way (this is at the top of the 2011 to-do list)
  • New dining table (although we did get the chairs -- all 12 of them; stay tuned for a post about that Christmas Eve adventure)
  • Christmas cookies delivered with holiday greetings to the neighbors. We sent Christmas cards to a handful of neighbors, but I had really wanted to take a festive bunch of cookies to many neighbors and get to know more people on the block. (I got so far as to buy cute bags, but none of my three attempts at gingerbread were very successful. Still getting used to the new oven, I guess.)
2010 was an okay year. Not great, certainly not horrible. But we're hoping 2011 will be better, and whatever your outlook on 2010, I hope your 2011 far exceeds it. Happy new year!

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