21 December 2010

We Got Carded, Part 3: This Time I Mean It

I fibbed.

When I first showed the fireplace Christmas card display, and later when I showed how to do it, I hadn't actually received many cards yet. I was feeling the holiday spirit and wanted to do some decorating (that didn't involve stringing lights on a tree), so I mocked it up with last year's cards.* But now that we're just a few days from Christmas and I've gotten a good assortment, I present the honest-to-goodness 2010 collection:

And since I wasn't thrilled with the twine I used the first time around, I swapped it out for a red semi-sheer wired ribbon, which I twisted to give it some shape:

* Click here for information about a great charity that will use your old Christmas cards for a fun project for disadvantaged kids while also raising money to support its mission.

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