13 December 2010

We Got Carded, Part 2: How You Can Get Carded, Too

As promised, I'm back to show you how I made those holiday clothespins I used in my Christmas card fireplace display:

So here's what this project requires:

A few sheets of holiday(ish) scrapbooking paper:

A bottle of Mod Podge:

A package of clothespins. (You know what clothespins look like.)

I started by cutting out pieces of the scrapbook paper the same size as the clothespins:

This one took a lot of cutting to get just right (hence all of those little scraps) because I wanted to keep the pattern centered. The others were a lot easier. A paper cutter would have been even easier but isn't necessary.

Mod Podge looks just like Elmer's glue, but you know how Elmer's always made paper pucker and wrinkle? Mod Podge is formulated differently so it won't do that. (How? I don't know. Magic.) So feel free to spread a liberal layer of it on your clothespin. (I couldn't find a small paint brush, so I just used a makeup sponge. Even your finger would work.)

Once the strip of paper is more or less dried on the clothespin, another coat of Mod Podge gives the pin a nice, finished sheen and gives the paper a durable surface. I like to go over the edges a bit, too, to really protect it.

Once they're dry, you can use the pins just like that, or you can put different paper on the other side for more options. I adapted this idea from a kids' playroom playroom project I saw over here...which means that, with a little imagination, it could be further adapted for all kinds of other purposes -- displaying birthday cards, hanging Fourth of July banners around the yard -- heck, you could go really wild and use them to jazz up the backyard clothesline. Although all of the paper I bought was pretty Christmas-y, I tried to put less Christmas-specific patterns (such as those pink and green dots) on the other side of the more traditional ones (like the candy canes) so I can reuse them for Easter decorating or some other springtime purpose.

In my case, I strung the twine-y ribbon between stones on the fireplace, but you could pin or tie it to whatever is nearby. And then just clip your cards to them however you think looks best. (Click here for a friend's lovely take on the project.)

For me, a good DIY project is as much about the value as anything else, so here are the numbers:
  • under $3 for the Mod Podge (with a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby)
  • about a dollar for all of the paper (some of the sheets were on clearance for as little as seven cents)
  • about two bucks for a package of fifty clothespins at Target
For a little over five dollars, I dressed up 20 clothespins, and I still have 30 more, a whole lotta Modge Podge, and most of the scrapbook paper left over in case more holiday cards roll in or for any other project I decide to take on. Not bad for a girl who's not so crafty....


  1. Wow, I didn't know they still made Mod Podge. I don't think they've changed the label design. Looks like that might even be an easy enough craft for me. Thanks!

  2. Love them - and made my own - only difference is I glued them to the paper first then cut out the papers... I didn't worry so much about centering (or used paper that didn't need it). Super fun project - I ended up with at least 36 of them for myself - and the hobby store had coordinated ribbon that went with the paper - so I sprung for that (a bit more expense).

  3. Love them! I'm moving to the caribbean and we have to dry all our clothes on the line there, so I'm definitely wanting to jazz it up!