31 December 2010

The Very Best Bunny

My poor, sweet Dash.

(That's him on the left -- the dapper black and white fellow -- in a picture on the foundation when we took last year's Christmas card photos.)

He was so sick earlier this year. From Memorial Day weekend through about the middle of June, we were sure we were going to lose him. He was so, so sick. With almost daily visits to the vet and lots of medicine (even now, he's still on Cipro), he got better, but he developed a head tilt. (Imagine living your life with your head resting on one shoulder.) But otherwise, he's pretty much good as new. He eats, drinks, hops, snoogles his best friend Millie....

Since we were both off of work this week, and since Dash hasn't seen the vet since around August, we thought it was a good time to check in and make sure we're not missing anything that needs to be addressed. He's still on Cipro because it's easier to continue giving it to him than to reliably test for any lingering infection (the cause of his illness and the head tilt was a bacterial infection, pseudomonas, in his inner ear).

We also took Millie for a check-up, and she is doing great. The vet, Dr. Todd, was pleased with how Dash is doing, and we talked about stopping his Cipro on a trial basis. Then I asked about a bump I've noticed under his bad ear. One of our previous bunnies had something like it, which drained into his ear, but Dash's doesn't drain. I was concerned that it could be holding infected matter but couldn't drain because the infection caused the tissue in his ear to swell up, preventing much from coming out at all. Dr. Todd took a sample to test and found that it was an abscess. Because of Dash's other issues, and because we're good with at-home care, he thought it was best to [note to the queasy: here's where it gets unpleasant] make an incision in the skin to clear out what he could right then and leave it open so we could continue clearing it at home over the next few days. But after he got in, he found that it was much deeper -- under the fatty tissue and the muscle -- so the incision is both longer and deeper than expected (Dr. Todd even had to tie off a blood vessel). It does seem to be related to his ear, although probably not to his original ear infection.

So now our poor, sweet Dash is back home with about a half-inch opening under his ear. We have saline to flush it once a day, an antibiotic to keep infection out, and a painkiller to keep him comfortable as we work through this latest challenge (plus the Cipro, which we agreed he should keep taking at least until we get through this ordeal).

Dash is the very best bunny. We love him so much.


  1. Update on Dash, please.

  2. He's okay. He's eating well, and the incision looks good. Nothing is coming out when we flush it, which is either good (it's not producing any more pus) or bad (we're doing it wrong). We're taking him back to the vet on Thursday and will know more then. Thanks for asking.