21 December 2010

The Tree-Org

The Christmas tree required us to rearrange the furniture a bit. Here's how the room looked pre-tree:

And now:

We'll put it back after Christmas, but it's kind of a nice trial run for if we end up getting a sofa with built-in chaise longue* like we're thinking about, kind of like this (but not exactly this; this was just the first picture I found online):

Next year, I'm hoping to put the tree in front of the middle window so it will twinkle from the street. (Since we still have temporary shades that don't go up and down easily, it seemed pointless to do that this year.) We're still working on getting it to twinkle from inside the house. We've had a couple of false starts on the lighting front.

* Impromptu French lesson: It's chaise longue, not chaise lounge. It means "long chair," not "chair I don't feel like getting out of."


  1. I'm thinking that whenever we get to building our own house, we may want to carefully consider--in the design process--just where our Christmas tree will go...

  2. Excellent point. We didn't consider much of where anything would go. I'd suggest taking more than three months to work out the design. Impatience was our guide...and while she gets the job done, she can be impetuous.