11 December 2010

Status Saturday: The Office (Part 2)

When last we visited the office, it was looking pretty rough.

In preparation for visitors last weekend, we made a push to deal with all of the boxes. (Of course, that doesn't mean that we actually opened each box and put away the contents; rather, we consolidated what we could and put the boxes in the last remaining spaces in the closet. Going through each box is another project for another day.)

It's looking much better:

I bought the rug at World Market a couple of weeks ago, thinking that the olive color in the rug would go well with the wall color (which it does) and that the size would be perfect (which it is...sure would be irritating if the desk chairs hit the edge of the rug).

Once I got it home and took a closer look, I noticed the blue accents:

And I loved the blue and immediately knew that it would be the perfect accent color in the room. And that, paradoxically, was what told me I had to return the rug...because, if I did it right, the rug wouldn't fit in by the time I finished decorating.

With the new color scheme in mind, I went searching for a picture of a similarly colored room I knew I had seen somewhere in Internetland. The picture, or another like it, would confirm my belief that olive walls and accents somewhere between teal and slate blue would be great together.

This is pretty much how decorating works for me. I have no innate ability to dream up combinations of colors, patterns, etc., but sometimes I luck out and see something in the world that points me in the right direction. However, short of buying the exact things I see in a picture, it's pretty iffy whether I'll actually be able to successfully execute the vision. But I wasn't concerned about that yet; I was still trying to confirm that my vision wasn't a hallucination.

I found the picture I was looking for (on MyHomeIdeas), but I had it backward. Blue walls, olive(ish) accents:

Still, it was the proof I was looking for. I love how the blue and green go together in the bedspread, and I can definitely imagine the office with some kind of graphic floral curtains that have both colors. Or a rug. Like this amazing one by Amy Butler, which probably captures my vision even better and which I would buy in a heartbeat if they made a round version:

So all I know for sure is that the original rug is going back, and I'm on the lookout for something that will give me a bit of the feel of the bedroom above (but less tropical and more modern). If you have any ideas (fabric websites, rug designers, etc.), please share.

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