17 December 2010

Putting Holes in Walls

Last night, I posted about the holiday picture I made from an Elf quote I found in a magazine.  The other half of that story is where I hung it:

No big deal, right?  It's on a wall.  I hammered in a nail, hung the picture, and that was that.

But then, while I was away from home a few hours later, I started thinking about where I had hung it.  On the pocket part of a pocket door.  I didn't remember if the door was open or closed when I did it.  If it was open, I may have nailed right into the door.  (At least I knew I hadn't broken the glass.  That would have been obvious.)  If it was closed, it might not open anymore, with the nail protruding into the pocket and blocking the door.

As soon as I got home, I checked on the door, and fortunately it was okay.  The nail (which is centered on the wall, although it doesn't appear that way in the picture) must have been a couple of inches beyond the end of the pocket.  Bullet successfully dodged.

But wouldn't you know, we have this same problem in the mudroom (as mentioned here).  I bought these nifty hooks at Ikea a while back to hold everyday use coats during the winter (and fold up when not in use):
I intended to hang them above the bench (the only wall in the entire mudroom that will be available once the cubbies are installed):

The leftmost piece of blue tape marks where the door ends when it's open, and the three other pieces of tape are where I decided the hooks would go...until I realized that the mounting screws would puncture the door.  Not good.

My next plan -- and the plan that has led me to procrastinate all the way into December -- was to mount a piece of wood, painted to match the trim, on the wall where I want to put the hooks, and then screw the hooks into that.  The idea here is that I could use nails that are only as long as the thickness of the wood plus the thickness of the drywall, and using the nailgun at different angles would ensure secure mounting.  But that requires a lot of extra work and is still a little risky.

I've also thought about mounting the hooks higher on the wall higher, so they would be above the pocket door.  But that's probably too high.

Maybe the solution is simply to put the hooks on the left side of the wall, where they would be behind the door when it's open.  It's not like we wait to grab our coats until after the door is already open.

It shouldn't be this hard to hang three simple hooks, but at this rate, it'll be done around the time of the last cold spell next spring.

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