27 December 2010

One Last Christmas Tradition

We have made a tradition of buying the official Swarovski crystal ornament every Christmas since our first anniversary. They alternate between stars and snowflakes. 2010 was a snowflake year:

Now that we have eight of them, they're really starting to have a visual presence on our tree and look amazing when they catch the light right. Over the last few years, we've started buying two each year and giving the second one to someone who has been significant to us that year. This year, there were three aspects of our lives that suggested possibilities: (1) Marathon training -- my running buddies have kept the process from being unbearable -- but that's really only significant to me, and I didn't want to make them feel like they needed to reciprocate (plus I already had a small gift picked out for one of them). (2) My brother's move to Austin this summer -- it's been fun reconnecting with him, but he's living in a smallish apartment and didn't get a tree, so it likely wouldn't have made it out of the box. (3) Our big move, and the amazing welcome we have received from the neighbors. We decided to go this route and give the ornament to the family on our street we've gotten to know the best. We took it over last week when we decorated Christmas cookies with them.

In other Christmas ornament news, I spent much of the day yesterday hitting the after-Christmas sales and amassed quite a collection of mercury glass ornaments and garland, including these:

It's my new love. I look forward to an antique-y Christmas theme next year and think that the crystal ornaments will be a nice, crisp accent to the aged finish of the mercury glass.

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  1. When I was growing up, our parents bought each child an ornament for Christmas every year (even if we were too young to pick one out ourselves). Their theory was that by the time each child left home, he/she would have a good collection of ornaments for their own tree. I must admit, their plan worked.