28 December 2010

Lazy Day...Lots of Time to Make a To-Do List

Today was a much-needed lazy day. Visiting relatives left to return to the land of early bird dinners, and we spent the first half of the day watching TV and movies. Then we went out to take care of some post-holiday errands. When we returned home, I raked some leaves (we only have one small garbage can that we borrowed from a neighbor, so it's taking a few weeks to get them all picked up for the city's large-scale composting) and, because it rained all day and the ground was soft, I pulled up more of the short, cloth silt fence from the backyard:

With most of the trees removed and the silt fence on its way out, I'm starting to see the yard as more of a blank canvas...which is good, because I realized today that, with planting season starting around March, we're going to have to figure out a landscaping plan in a hurry to have the hardscape, sprinklers, privacy fence, etc. in place in time. We have a few names of landscape designers, but inertia (and ongoing decision fatigue from construction) has kept us from getting the ball rolling. We better get on that.

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